In All Things Pray

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Paul & Doris Chester
Sub-Saharan Africa

Today we're going to Africa. There are many countries
in Africa, of course, but we're not going to say just
where our missionaries serve. We'll call them Paul
and Doris, not their real names.

Our story today sounds like what we read about in the
New Testament. A woman we'll call Kate was suffering
from demons. They attacked her non-stop. She had
trouble talking with her family, working or even eating.
Demons always work for evil.

Kate's husband, Abe, went to visit our missionaries, Paul
and Doris, and asked if they would come to his home
and try to help his wife. When the missionaries arrived,
they presented Jesus Christ, the answer to all problems,
including being possessed by demons.

During that visit Abe, Kate and their daughter confessed
their sin and yielded their lives to Christ. The demons
are gone now, because when Kate feels threatened, she
calls on her powerful personal Savior, Jesus Christ, and
help is immediate.

Folks, our church's Cooperative Program giving helped
train and equip Paul and Doris and helped them get to
Africa. We continue to help them live and serve there.
Aren't you glad that the Gospel is real and that it makes
a huge and positive difference in the lives of people!
Let's pray now for Paul and Doris, that they will see
more victories as they present Jesus Christ to people.

Let's pray for this new family of believers and ask God
that they may grow in their new Christian faith.

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